my story

conGusto: Delicious things with the scent of tradition

Local specialties shop in La Morra (CN) and online.

My name is Laura and I like living with Gusto! You will be visiting my dream.
That's right: this Shop completely represents a project that I have been cultivating for a long time, the pleasure of local specialties that well represent my region: Piedmont, and the land around me: the Langhe, to share with as many people as possible.

Small pleasures coming from the past.

Far away in time. The love for simple things, the efforts of working the land and the skilled hands of those who transform those same raw materials into delicious and irresistible delicacies. It reminds me a bit of my grandfather Agostino: he used to come home with magical baskets of delights, they were like treasure chests.
I would like you to feel that same sense of wonder and that anticipation thrill when you receive my conGusto boxes. Because behind every specialty, behind every little gem there is a great work of selection, a careful research, a taste that I have experienced first-hand.

conGusto: few but good.

conGusto winks at my grandfather's dialect. Gùstu is the nickname for Agostino in Piedmontese. So, I truly carry on a family tradition that comes from the past. With the right number of specialties, not too many and not too few, for an assortment of simple and good things to take home and to ensure maximum quality standards.

You can visit me in La Morra, or order online. And if you need advice ... you can always call me!